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Stephan Dubsky

Stephan Dubsky is a qualified Pferdewirtschaftsmeister (International Level 3) and founder of Oakley Horses. He trained at Klosterhof Medingen as well as with renowned riders including Andreas Dibowski, Claus Erhorn and show jumper Ronald Sandbrink.


Stephan regularly competes in eventing and show jumping up to advanced level and has competed in dressage up to Prix St. Georges in the US.

Since 2000, Stephan runs his own training yard, where he successfully combines Irish and German training and teaching methods in a unique and horse-friendly approach.


Pia Wehner is the head groom and stable manager. She makes everything run smoothly at Oakley Horses. Pia has successfully qualified as a Veterinary Assistant and Pferdewirt FN (International Level 2, BHSII) and works with Stephan at Oakley Horses since 2006.

Sonya Hudson supports us with her professional experience in online marketing, video production and digital media. With her never ending enthusiasm she brings new creative energy into the team.

At Oakley Horses, there is always a lot to do. Dedicated students and riders from all over the world regularly join and support the team. Our goal is to make every day a learning experience and to turn challenges into success for all our staff as well as our horses.


Join our team! We believe that good quality equipment and clothing is essential for success. Students and clients from all over the world visit us at Oakley Horses every week and we are often asked to recommend saddles and other equipment we like using on our own horses. We are happy to share the benefits of your products with our clients and our growing social media community (logo placements, videos etc.).

It may also be possible to financially invest in shared ownership of one of our competition horses. Alternatively, you may want to invest in your own horse by sponsoring its training and competition career with Stephan. Please get in touch!

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