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The yards has 4 wings with 25 large loose boxes in total, a grooming and washing area with heated lamps and a treadmill. The barn provides plenty of space for storage of hay and haylage. High quality feed and individual management of each horse are vital to good progress in training.

Working Area

We believe that every horse benefits from well-balanced variety in its training programme:

  • 30m x 60m outdoor arena

  • grass jumping ring

  • cross country course with fixed fences, water, ditches, steps & banks

  • gallops

  • roundpen


We are very lucky to be surrounded by great landscape for hacking. Hunting fences, hill training and kilometers of bridle paths provide fantastic variety and conditioning training opportunities.

Turn out areas

We want our equine athletes to be happy. Several paddocks and large pastures allow them to relax and stretch their legs after training and competitions.

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