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Training & Schooling

At Oakley Horses we provide professional and individual training for horses of all levels and ages. Stephan Dubsky has broken in hundreds of horses and has successfully produced outstanding youngsters for many years.


We believe that fair and varied training including flat work, jumping and hacking is the key to producing healthy, motivated and reliable sport horses.


With the huge number of quality horses available on the market, the level of training often makes the final difference in price. So if you are looking to sell a horse, investing in some good training is often well worth it.



In the past years, we have been able to produce many talented youngsters and successfully present them at competitions - from their first outing to international championships.


Considering the extraordinary prices of successful Grand Prix horses nowadays makes investing in talented youngsters with the potential to become a future super star even more interesting.​

We are happy to assist you on this journey and are looking forward to managing your youngster!


Clinics & Couching

Stephan Dubsky qualified as a Pferdewirtschaftsmeister (International Level 3) and trains riders of all levels including professional riders as well as amateurs and juniors. His students benefit from his life-long experience as an active competition rider at top level in show jumping, eventing and dressage.


"My work is about motivating horses and riders to discover their true potential!" 

Oakley Horses offers great training facilities. In addition, Stephan regularly gives clinics in US, Ireland and Germany. If you are interested in training with Stephan or would like to organise a clinic at your yards, please contact us!

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